Friday, May 22, 2009

Funniest Dance in Movies

On May 22, a new Wayan’s Brothers movie called Dance Flick opens. It claims to be the funniest dance move ever. To get us in the mood, I’d like to share with you the movie sequences that I think are the funniest. The only criterion here is “Did it make me laugh?” or at least smile with delight. Some are full choreographies but some (like Bill Murray’s) are only a few seconds long.

The first, of course, is Donald O’Connor’s performance of “Make ‘Em Laugh” in Singing in the Rain. The rest are in no particular order and I haven’t included video clips due to the slowness of my dial-up internet connection. So look them up yourself and please add your own favorites.

1. Airplane spoof of “Stayin’ Alive” number from Saturday Night Fever
2. Bill Murray’s wet suit groove in Life Aquatic
3. Father’s quirky private dance in Strictly Ballroom
4. Danny Kaye’s knighthood ceremony from Court Jester
5. Policemen and Pirates dance in Pirates of Penzance 1983
6. Almost any number from Reefer Madness, The Musical
7. “Guten Tag Hop Clop” and “Springtime for Hitler” from The Producers (did you know that a German version of this show just opened in Germany?)
8. Christopher Guest in his backward jeans from Waiting for Guffman
9. Rowen Atkinson’s street dance in Mr. Bean’s Holiday
10. John Belushi and Dan Akroyd as the Blues Brothers
11. Bugs Bunny in What’s Opera Doc?

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